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What We Believe

Ultimately, we believe the Bible! But because different Christians throughout history have understood some parts of the Bible differently, our denomination, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, has adopted the Westminster Confession and Catechisms as our doctrinal standard. This doesn’t put these documents on level with God’s word; rather, it means we find the Westminster Standards a helpful and accurate summary of what Scripture teaches. (Of course, only God’s word is infallible and life-giving, and even the best system devised by mankind can get out of balance unless we’re constantly going back to Scripture to shape our thinking and our lives.)

When a pastor or elder is ordained in the OPC, he needs to affirm that he believes everything in the Westminster Standards. This is not required in order to become a member of an OPC congregation like ours, and it’s certainly not required of visitors! We welcome you to visit us regardless of the specifics of your Christian faith, or if you have no faith at all. But you should expect to hear the word of God preached, and see it lived out, in a way which reflects our theological convictions.

These convictions are often called “Reformed,” because they go back to the time of the Reformation and to great pastors and theologians like Martin Luther, John Calvin, and John Knox. Even before then, early Christians like Augustine laid the groundwork for what we today call Reformed theology. Ultimately, we would trace Reformed teaching all the way back to Paul, John, Peter, and the other apostles, because the great goal of Reformed theology is simply to believe what they taught and affirm the truths they confessed.

That being said, we joyfully recognize and embrace our Christian brothers and sisters who hold different theological convictions. The simplest and most important truths of our faith are reflected in confessions such as the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed, and we gladly affirm these most important truths and rejoice in the unity they bring between Christians who may differ on secondary questions.

If you are interested in our church but have questions about any of our doctrinal distinctives, please ask! We would be delighted to talk to you about anything we believe and teach, and to show you why we believe it reflects what the Lord teaches us through His word.